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In 2005 net-ARB was the first arbitration firm to entirely eliminate filing fees. Filing fees are a relic of the past when filing a case for arbitration required the assistance of a case intake worker. net-ARB's intake is fully automated - you do the work of filling out the form so why should we charge a fee?

Arbitration Panels

net-ARB provides an arbitration feature not offered anywhere else except in rare circumstances - Panel Arbitration. Instead of just one arbitrator deciding your case, you have a panel of three arbitrators decide the outcome. Using a panel virtually eliminates any chance of human error playing a role in the outcome.

Arbitration Fees

Disputes fall into two categories: ones that involve a service and ones that don't involve a service (everything else). Service contracts are ones where a skilled person or company is hired to do something for you, such as build a website or build a home. The kinds of services we generally arbitrate fall into five skill categories: Writing, Design, Marketing, Technology, and Business/Legal. The other category (everything else) includes the sale of goods and other chattel and the entire range of civil actions that could be brought to a court with the key exception of family matters such as divorce or separation agreements, child support, and visitation.Visit » Service Claims and » General Claims on our website for more information.

Fee Schedule

Unlike other arbitration firms, we don't charge you more just because the case involves more money. But when the stakes are high, we ask that you invest a bit more for the added assurance of panel arbitration. Prices shown are per case and are usually shared equally between the parties.

Service Claims, Single Arbitrator ... $599 per case

  • Up to $20,000 in controversy

Service Claims, Panel of Arbitrators ... $899 per case

  • Available for any amount in controversy
  • Panels are mandatory for $20,000 or more in controversy

All other Claims, Single Arbitrator ... $399 per case

  • Up to $10,000 in controversy

All other Claims, Panel of Arbitrators ... $750 per case

  • Panels are available for any amount in controversy
  • Panels are mandatory for $10,000 or more in controversy


Payment is generally due only after both parties have agreed to arbitrate by completing the registration process and signing the Arbitration Agreement. The exception is for mandatory arbitration or any contract stating that a failure to arbitrate is grounds for a default decision. In these cases, payment is due immediately after the initial filing. All payments are to be made using PayPal and are non-refundable.

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