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Here's What Our Clients Have Said

"Without wanting to seem obsequious I have to say that I sincerely thank you for all your work. Compared to what I paid for this Arbitration the amount of work you have produced is frankly astonishing." L.W., Lefkosa, Cyprus

"You did a great job in keeping the peace over this dispute." N.W., London, England

"Being a provider on Elance I was convinced that net-ARB will be in my clients favor as Elance doesn't want to lose clients. But I was wrong. net-ARB is a really fair arbitration and I'd gladly use it every time." A.Q., Amman, Jordan

"My impression of the arbitrator herself, the net-ARB company, and their online system: I wouldn't call it painless, but it was just about as close as possible because of the fast and functional system, and the prompt and professional response." M.L., Montana, USA

"It's very straightforward; less intimidating than you would imagine; and there is no time frame or deadlines to be met. So you have ample time to prepare all your statements and evidence." U.K.S., Vancouver, BC, Canada

"What a great resource. Professional job and excellent communication!" B.B., Denver, Colorado, USA

"My inglish not so good but arbetrater very kind man. Explain everything good." J.S., Hyderabad, Pakistan

"I lost my case but feel like I was treated fairly. I guess it could have been worse. In spite of that, I just want to say that this online arbitration things is a fantastic idea." R.M., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"For years, I've been sending my clients to small claims court when they had claims too small to justify my fee. But after one of them came back and showed me a decision you wrote for him, I see there is a much better way than to spend all that time and energy to get a just result. From now on, I'm referring to you. Great job, net-ARB." S.I., Mineola, New York, USA

"I thought my problem was unsolvable until I found you. Even though I didn't get exactly what I wanted (I won though), the arbitrator explained her reasons and I am satisfied. Net-ARB is a wonderful tool." G.W., San Bernardino, CA, USA

"Thank you net-ARB. You saved me tons of time and a heap of money." P.A., Chicago, Illinois, USA

"Since you are an American company I was worried you might be biased, but took a chance anyhow. I was worried for nothing. Your arbitrator was very fair. I am happy with the service." A.Z., Constanta, Romania

"This service is truly amazing. No where else could I be assured of getting a judge who knows enough anything website design, without which this case could never be decided fairly. I lost — but I am satisfied I got a fair hearing and understand why I lost." L.K., Los Angeles, California, USA

"I just wanted to say thank you for your advice on using an arbitration clause. We did and just finished resolving a stalemate between us and a customer. Although we lost, our attorney told us it would have cost probably double that if he had to try our case in court when we figure in his fee (he represented us in the arbitration, but for a fraction of the cost). And the customer is happy because we were so fair, he even placed another order!" B.R., Montgomery, Alabama, USA

"This is a whole lot better than running back to the judge every time me and my ex get into an argument over who gets to decide what for our child. We have agreed not to even argue our differences anymore, but to file with you right away instead." C.G., Smyrna, Georgia, USA

"Since Elance insisted we use you, I thought this would be slanted in favor of the side that pays them . . . the vendors. Guess I was wrong — I won!" A.P., Bombay, India

"I lost and was mad at first, but after reading the arbitrator's reasons, I now see where I went wrong. After reading the decision, I apologized to [the other party] and guess what — he offered to settle for half! Without you, we'd still be fighting." L.J., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"Kudos to you and your arbitrators. I used a panel and won a split decision. The courts should be looking to copy you." Z.M., Seattle, Washington, USA

"I hate you guys! You proved I was wrong, enough so that even I am convinced I was wrong. Seriously though, you have a very fair process and I wouldn't hesitate to use you again." D.D., Ash Fork, Arizona, USA

"I lost my case and wrote you a nasty email. Last weekend, I showed your decision to my brother-in-law's friend who is an attorney at a backyard BBQ, and he agreed with you! I guess I owe you an apology." J.O., New York City, New York, USA

"Overall, a great service. One suggestion though. Don't say the panel voted 2-1, just say who wins. Because now [the other party] is saying we should do it again and see if it comes out the other way." W.C., Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
[net-ARB note: We changed our policy per this suggestion.]

"This is just a little disappointing, but I understand why you came to this conclusion. I am very satisfied with the process, and we received what we wanted, which was an unbiased outsider looking at our situation and figuring out a fair solution. Thank you for your consideration." M.A., San Diego, California, USA

"Wrong ... wrong ... wrong!  But it was fair. That's all I got to say." I.H., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"I thought this was a ridiculous idea when my sister brought it up, but you proved me wrong. Our mother would have been proud of us for settling this argument so civilly." H.F., Lebanon, Vermont, USA

"I have to say you have some smart arbitrators there. Your guy saw right threw my opponent's BS." A.D., Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA

"As a professional arbitrator myself, I have to say your people are every bit as good as my colleagues. I especially like the fact that you have such a diversified roster that you can assign an arbitrator with expertise in almost any area." B.B., Denver, Colorado, USA

"The arbitrator's clear explanation made me realize once again that there are two sides to every story. I just wish he took my side." O.Y., North Platte, Nebraska, USA

"I didn't mind losing so much when it was explained to me why." C.B., Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

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