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Online Arbitration by Email

About net-ARB

The next evolution in dispute resolution, net-ARB provides the only fair and neutral forum for quickly and easily settling civil disputes that arise from e-commerce.

While both business-to-business and consumer purchasing have shifted over the past decade or so from local brick-and-mortar establishments to cyberspace, local systems of justice, most notably our court systems, have not even started or attempted to keep pace.

net-ARB is the first and only service offering convenient, low-cost arbitration through the ease of email. Our fully-trained, highly-qualified arbitrators are the same professional conflict resolution professionals who work through court systems throughout the world.

Providing the same quality arbitration service that operates in your home town or nearest big city at prices few can afford, net-ARB combines the power of the internet with economy of scale to create an arbitration service that is easily affordable and more convenient than ever before. Imagine settling your legal dispute without even leaving your home!

net-ARB is a privately held Georgia corporation, founded in 2005 by Marty Lavine, an engineer, attorney, mediator, and arbitrator, who saw the pressing need for low-cost, definitive dispute resolution (arbitration) to serve our rapidly diversifying local communities in addition to today's global, internet economy.

net-ARB Online Arbitration by Email - Fast, Convenient, Affordable - Better than Mediation or Litigation
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