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Online Arbitration by Email

net-ARB is the Perfect Solution
when timely action is necessary

Real estate transactions frequently require quick resolutions. With buyers, sellers, banks and attorneys standing by, net-ARB can resolve conflicts within days — for a price that makes sense.

 Closing date near and an honest disagreement arises?
Mortgage guarantee expiring and there's still an issue?
Sale fell thru and there is a question about earnest money?

net-ARB can decide a real estate contract dispute in as little as two days when both sides make it a priority. Or we can decide a case in a week or more if that fits your schedule. One thing you can count on from net-ARB is flexibility. By using email to conduct hearings, net-ARB removes time pressure from everyone, yet email also allows us to decide cases in days that would take weeks if not months in a courtroom.

Want to protect yourself beforehand? Make sure there is an arbitration clause in your next real estate contract before you sign it. And make sure it says "net-ARB" as the arbitration source so you are assured of the best service at the best price. Click »Arbitration Clause to see our sample clauses.
net-ARB Online Arbitration by Email - Fast, Convenient, Affordable - Better than Mediation or Litigation
Online Arbitration by Email Information
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