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Homeowner Association Matters

Beginning with the eviction of Adam and Eve, we see the impact "breaking the rules" has on where you get to live.

Homeowners associations try to marry sanity with sanctity — imposing supposedly rational rules for the presumed good of the community. For the most part it works. And sometimes it doesn't.

It is virtually impossible to draw up a 10+ page, legal document without at least one area where different interpretations lead to different results. Lawyers make their living debating the meaning of words. The English language can be tricky, a point made clear by a recent American President explaining a seeming contradiction in prior testimony, "It depends on what the meaning of 'is' is."The stakes are high when it comes to restricting the use of one's home, yet neighbors must acknowledge they share many common goals as well. Is there a civic duty to avoid wasting money both sides could put to better use for common benefit?And it cannot be stressed enough that in a great many situations, the parties will continue living side-by-side. The civility and quickness of net-ARB's easy-to-use arbitration service help restore neighborhood harmony before bitterness festers.Most homeowners association bylaws already have arbitration clauses. net-ARB is the easiest, quickest, and most cost effective way to use that clause. And if your association's bylaws specify another association, like the American Arbitration Association, it is an easy matter for everyone involved to just agree to switch services. See » Can I use net-ARB instead of the American Arbitration Association?Finally, if your homeowners association does not have an arbitration clause, see what we have to say about them » here and bring this up at your next Board meeting.

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