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Online Arbitration by Email

Boost Consumer Confidence & Satisfaction

Internet marketing studies by experts such as Yahoo®, Amazon®, and Greenfield® show that 'Trust' is the #1 issue on the minds of at least 90% of internet shoppers — even ahead of cost!

These same studies show that 15% of all buyers are 'somewhat dissatisfied' following an internet purchase.

net-ARB's Consumer Confidence Program and Verified Trust Seal give businesses the market advantage they need to overcome these obstacles by showing customers that they are committed to the same standards of honesty and ethics as local merchants. Consumer Confidence membership is your bond with customers that should a problem arise with a purchase, you will never abandon them.
Avoid the kind of negative publicity that never goes away!
In today's cyber-smart world, businesses are increasingly aware that bad press on the internet is written in indelible ink — ink that does not fade over time. With nowhere to turn, frustrated buyers resort to posting scathing merchant reviews, blogging, and personal webpages — all easily searchable for years yet to come by potential new customers doing their homework on your business.Simple human experience shows that at the end of the day, all people want is a fair hearing, a chance at justice — and win, lose or draw, that brings peace and closure.

Build Trust and Convert More Sales!
net-ARB Online Arbitration by Email - Fast, Convenient, Affordable - Better than Mediation or Litigation
Online Arbitration by Email Information
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