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Online Arbitration by Email

The Internet is Exposing the Limitations of the Court System

In the court system, time zones and physical location are obstacles to justice. You might win or lose on technicalities, court dockets are full, and attorneys are expensive. Recent research indicates that an employment case averages $50,000 in legal fees over 24 months, while the compensation expected by law firms in personal injury cases has reached $25,000. No wonder 100 million Americans think that the court system is out of their financial reach and 20% of American employers now have arbitration clauses in employment contracts.

Online arbitration services like net-ARB have harnessed the power of the Internet to overcome the limits of the court system, just as PayPal did for banking, Google did for the retrieval of information, and eBay and Amazon.com did for retailing. By eliminating expensive attorneys, jurisdictional inconsistencies and need for travel, both businesses and consumers can now get resolution to common disputes decided quickly by professional arbitrators for less than a typical attorney's hourly charge.With Internet arbitration there are no problems with full court systems and physical location either. Hearings are conducted entirely by email and begin immediately after both parties sign the arbitration agreement and last as long as it takes both sides to present their case. Typically that's a few days to a week or so, compared to the months or more than a year in many cases before you get your day in court.

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net-ARB Online Arbitration by Email - Fast, Convenient, Affordable - Better than Mediation or Litigation
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