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Online Arbitration by Email

The Effect on Consumer Confidence of Knowing a Business Supports Convenient, Low-Cost Arbitration Whenever Necessary

Geographic diversity is the essence of net-commerce. As business operations have become more global and sophisticated, there's been a parallel growth in international or cross-border litigation. Each time a civil dispute touches an international transaction, it triggers complex substantive, jurisdictional, and procedural issues concerning the application and enforcement of U.S. and foreign law.

Many particularly US-based organizations require litigation in their home state — even their home county! This effectively means that a consumer in anything but the largest disputes is shut out from any effective justice. Why would you travel to Santa Barbara from Miami to fight over $1000? Why would you fly to Australia to the US to fight over $3000? But you might think seriously about buying $3000 worth of goods from an Australian company given that if the goods are of poor quality, for example, you can't get justice.Online arbitration through net-ARB ensures low cost, quick resolution of your dispute wherever you and your supplier are, so that you can buy with confidence knowing that your supplier is committed to low-cost and fast dispute resolution. Because arbitration awards are enforceable world-wide due to a United Nations treaty, you know that the playing field is level... even more because you don't need lawyers in small disputes and because you get a chance to think about things or get help from friends or experts before you write them down, as opposed to being cross-examined live in a witness box.A business commitment to low-cost dispute resolution which does not disadvantage a consumer is a sure sign of an ethical approach to customer relations.

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